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About Vera Sana

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Habits Coach

Soul Mind & Body Wellness 

Healthy Food 

Yoga Teacher

Energy Coach

Mama and Wife 

My Story


I know that my path and what I have been through can help other people since all is a unity just like the Universe. In different areas that I am teaching you would be able to learn that we, food, chakras ... everything is connected and everything is ENERGY as a whole unit when you understand this your life and all around you will change.

I was (I thought) without inspiration, energy to do anything, I felt ugly, poor (I thought), I had no idea how to get a job, I had no car, no money, no friends! at least that who I felt. Well, except one that stayed when everybody else left, she "my angel" gave me my first book of Metaphysic "The Game of the Life and How to Play it" I understood that because I was thinking that life was no easy for me because my dad wasn't a businessman, a politician or any of my relatives had a good company, or a good positions, or pretty enough  or ... all the reasons you can imagine, I was actually creating more of the same. After reading this book I starting changing my thoughts, then my feelings, words and actions which have become "My New Habits" thus now. I understood that my relation with God was not working because the way I was communication with him, I learned how to talk to him and ask him.

I had a flashed back when listening Angela Manuel Davis who is one the motivational people that I admire saying that if we looked back into our lives and see one of the toughest moments if we could speak to us what would we say? I, would say Enjoy life you will make it! I was born in a small city in Mexico with a lot and big dreams and one of those dreams was to travel, and guess what? I am doing it! I am a true believer in the power of your HABITS and how you speak! Using techniques like visualization, meditation, affirmations and Feng Shui, healthy eating, healthy groceries shopping, workout routine and much more you can transform your life. No​ time, don't worry I used to think the same.

In this path I have learn what I have to and now I am so excited to share it all with you, and you can try all these and make them your life style I want to hear  "how much all these helped you not just to lose weight but to be happier, healthier and make your dreams come true! 

I am doing it, you can do it!

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