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diets and your weight

Diets, and I said this very loud!

In my personal experience diets never worked for me. Why? because they promise you will lose weight and when tis doesn't happen in a month or so, you feel that I this huge effort of restricting yourself of eating all these delicious food hasn't been worthy and you go back to eat and how you had a period of time where you didn't eat them you have anxiety which make you eat MORE! here is when the rebounds happens.

Well, the solution for me was and is my "habits" yes, you make your diet which means the food that you eat not a list of food you can with a scale to measure the oz. and a list of food that you can not eat.

Here is a program for you that will help you to improve your health, your focus is to be healthy, with energy and trust me... you will lose weight! when? Slowly... imagine that you are at point "b" you started at point a, right? well, to go back to point a is going to be the same distance and there are not short cuts!


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