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no energy ....

Actualizado: 2 nov 2018

Feeling tired all the time is not right!

One huge issue for me was to feel tired all the time, with no energy to workout and do my everyday tasks like: Clean the house, workout, go groceries, do laundry even taking a shower was something I had no energy for, I remembered scrubbing my skin was something hard to do. Until I said enough,I knew something was wrong it was not not normal to feel this way ... so I decided to take action and do something about it.

I did not know where to start but I remembered that before my yoga teacher training I felt kind of the same way but by then my energy was drained due to a very strong emotional I was going through. But my book "The Game of the Life and hoe to play it" plus yoga took me out of this dark place where I was. But this time after delivery practicing yoga was so hard my body felt so heavy that just rolling my mat was something hard to do.

What was happening to me was that my energy was lo because I was not taking care of recharging it, I was not meditating everyday, I was focusing on things that were bothering me and I was eating bad food!!!

so I have prepare this program to help you to recharge your energy, that you can download for FREE. Follow this program and share with me your experience I would love to hear that you feel energized! 

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