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Actualizado: 5 oct 2020

These guys are delicious and here are my all time 5 recipes of beets.

1. Steam them. Make sure the water does't touch them so they can keep the maximum of nutrients.

When they are soft chopped in squares, add lime and black pepper.

Keep them in the fridge cold taste better.

2. On pizza !! Yay!! My all time favorite dinner veggie pizza!!!

* Plain crust it can be cauliflower, chickpeas or any you can buy.

* Add the tomato sauce, I like to buy the organic that in the ingredients is just tomatoes.

another option is to put on pesto.

* Zucchini all over the crust on slices, onions it could be chopped in small pieces, mushrooms, parsley and at the end grated beets.

* If you want you can add a bit of cheese at the top.

Oven at 375' F for 13 minutes.

pizza super yummy 😋

3. Juice!!!

Carrot, ginger, apple and beets add some ice and fresh and nourished your body will have!

Drink your juice in the morning with empty stomach so your bloodstream can get all the nutrients between 20 to 40 minutes what means you drink you juice wait that time before you eat anything else.

4. In salads!! Mixed greens, tomatoes, beets, mandarins and olive oil.

5. Snacks... slice the beets like chips, place them on a bake paper in the oven for 10 min. at 375' F

* I like to add lime and black pepper

* or peanut butter (or almond or the butter of your choice)

* or just plain.

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