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Mr. Ozzie Alvarez 

1. Your website speaks about what you do

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2 . It is not ready to be shown, it is no visible.

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3. Website + Instragram, + Facebook + Linked  are linked


Either they found you in facebook, they can go to your website or instagram or from instagram to your website or from your website.

4. Instagram is the shopping mall, newspaper, recommendation mouth to mouth.  


Give information to help people.



How to fix a water leak

People would be able to find tips and when they should call a profesional, mention two or there people who you can recommend.

 (here we can make a chain of collaboration with plumbers recommendation on website).

All these people have friends and family, when they know about someone in need of a builder hey will think about VERSA BUILDER.

Action: FEED Instagram at least 3 times per week. this post will be repost on facebook and direct all people to website.

5. SEO are tools that need to be set in the website to be found in google. But it is not all, your website needs to have traffic to be shown that will come from all the media.

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6. BLOG is a must to use meta tags.

META TAGS are keywords that allow potential clients to find you plus when you share information that help people with simple tasks.

6. Domain + hosting + design

Domain: This is a small payment you make to have an address to companies like godday. This payment is every year around $20.00 USD

Hosting: This is a place in a cloud where all the information you input in your website is saved and available to show anywhere in the world. $199 per year

Design: Temples to show your information. One time payment.

When I started doing my research to open my website I found that there is one need nobody offer me. I have freedom to feed, change and manage myself my website, because of this I found that WIX was the option for me.

WIX is an amazing tool for people who need to update their website periodically and friendly to use, it kind of drag and drop.


Having the domain bought which is $69.99 plus taxes (just one time payment) after that yearly $20.00 with .com or $1.00 for .us

highly your website will be launch with the basic design in two weeks after you send body text, structure and pictures.



 voluntary contribution

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me,

PH: 216.212.1320

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